Cycling From Cascais To Guincho Beach | Portugal

  If you happen to find yourself in Cascais Portugal, do yourself a favor by renting a bike and cycling out to Guincho Beach. Even if you're not huge into cycling, the beautiful scenery will make you forget you're even on a bike. With a total distance of only 10k for the whole roundtrip, this is a quick…Read more Cycling From Cascais To Guincho Beach | Portugal

Portugal Holiday | Cascais

Cascais is a beautiful little costal town located only 20 minutes west of Lisbon. It was a perfect destination to spend a quick relaxing vacation drinking by the pool, and exploring the abundance of beaches and cliffs stretching down the coastline. The past couple of years I haven't spent too much time on vacations 'relaxing'…Read more Portugal Holiday | Cascais

New Camera Fun In Long Beach

For as long as I can remember, I've always had this theory that the weather would seem considerably better if our seasons were half the size that they currently are. A month and a half of each season. That's all we need. Obviously the Earth would need to tilt back and forth on it's axis twice…Read more New Camera Fun In Long Beach

Dry Tortugas National Park (Plus Video)

A few months ago, Bryan and I found an article about a remote national park that was slowing disappearing into the ocean due to rising sea levels. And while it probably started out as jokingly saying 'Hey, we should go there before it's gone', I'm sure we both knew that it was pretty much a guarantee to happen at…Read more Dry Tortugas National Park (Plus Video)

Gertrude’s Nose – Hudson Valley Autumn Hike

Gertrude's Nose is a perfect day hike located only an hour or two away from NYC and Long Island. Between the lake, cliffs, crevices, and ravine, it's an incredibly scenic hike...especially in the fall. We took the ~8 mile loop from Lake Minnewaska up to the ridges where Gertrude's Nose sticks out from, then continued…Read more Gertrude’s Nose – Hudson Valley Autumn Hike

Snowdon : The Roof of Wales

Snowdon - 1,085 meters (3,560 ft) - via the Rangers Path Following a busy summer last year in which I was able to summit Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike, Carrauntoohil, and Slieve Donard, Snowdon was the only country high point on the British Isles that had eluded me. Fortunately, this September I was able to go…Read more Snowdon : The Roof of Wales